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Archive for September, 2009

Choosing Groomsmen Gifts

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Groomsmen play very important roles in weddings. Think of your groomsmen’s individual personalities. Most grooms choose their groomsmen as people who are very close to them. This will make it easier for you to determine what kinds of gifts your groomsmen will like. Ask yourself: What does this particular groomsman like to do? What are his hobbies, interests, favorites? Remember that generic ideas for groomsmen gifts can kind of, well, downright boring. You don’t want your groomsmen to think that you only bought them presents just because it’s a tradition. Personalized groomsmen gift ideas are the best way of telling your groomsmen that you went out of your way in buying them gifts you knew they would like.

Think practical. Your groomsmen will love functional gifts that they can use regularly. If your groomsmen are travelling businessmen, it would be a good idea to hand them engraved pens, paperweights, travelling suitcases, passport cases, desk clocks, or toiletry kits. You can also buy great groomsmen gifts depending on your men’s favorite pastimes. If they love beer, and most men do, you can purchase beer steins, shot glasses, beer mugs, flasks, or Beer of the Month Club gift certificates. If you have a groomsman who is an athlete, buy him things that are related to his sport. A pair of goggles for the swimmer, cleats for the football player, arm sleeves or knee pads for the basketball lover, or a nunchaku for the martial arts pro. Outdoor adventurers would love to receive camping gear, fishing and hunting equipment, lumbar packs, portable stoves, flashlights, or a hammock for resting.

Never ever sacrifice quality for affordability. You definitely have several important things that need your budget’s attention for your wedding: the reception, the catering, the wedding gown, the accommodation for out-of-town guests. But always remember that your groomsmen played very important roles in helping make your wedding a happy and memorable event. Look for gifts that you know will last for years. You’ll be very pleased on your fifth wedding anniversary, when your groomsmen grace your dinner celebration using the high-quality, stylish cufflinks you presented to them on your wedding day.

Wedding Invitations: How Should You Choose

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Many couples these days are spending a huge sum of money for their wedding planners as they want everything to be perfect on the day of wedding. One who gives the responsibility of arranging everything of their wedding to the wedding also needs to decide some aspects on their own. One of the major aspects that the couple should decide on their own is the wedding invitations. One should give sufficient time and effort for selecting the best wedding cards for their marriage. Though people do not select wedding cards depending on their price but the makers have designed beautiful cards at multiple ranges so that they can be afforded by all.

The makers of wedding invitations observe the current trend carefully and design the cards which are liked by most of the people. A person who want does not to order these cards can search a bit more and take a look on the cards that are not commonly used by people. One can order their wedding cards depending on their location of wedding and can personalize the card in such a way that it reflects the location of that spot. Couples who have planned exotic locations for their marriage can opt for these types of cards.

As the hazards of environmental pollutions are increasing these days a person can order cards that are made with environment friendly cards. This would not only increase the value of their invitations but would also reflect their care for the environment. Many couples are using recycled papers for their invitations. No one can identify a recycled paper after colors are added to them and they are customized properly. One can order for invitations that are of unusual size and can make them more tri-fold for increasing the beauty.

Nowadays one can find several online and offline stores that sells wedding invitations. One who wants to avoid the crowd and hassles of traditional store can search the online stores. A person can have a glance of multiple wedding invitations at a glance if they search the online stores. It is suggested to customize the cards properly with beautiful quotes as it increases the value of the card.