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Archive for April, 2012

The Fake Wedding Flowers

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

People who have held a wedding or will hold a wedding soon are often surprised by the high cost of the wedding flower arrangement at the end of the wedding. Since the arrangement needs to use a large sum of fresh flowers, the cost of the flowers of course increases.

However, there is an good option for you to save your wedding flower budget, you can replace the nature fresh flowers with the fake flowers, we generally call it silk flowers.

A large sum of fresh flowers has cost much of your flower budget, but if you select the flowers which are not blooming in the season of your wedding, that would mean you need to pay more for your flowers. However, if you select the silk flowers, you may save your money according to the amount and the breeds of the flowers.

You are not necessary to worry if the silk wedding flowers will have a tacky look compare with the fresh wedding flowers. Actually you would be difficult to find out some differences between these two kinds of flowers. The silk flowers will keep a pretty perfect look as the same as the fresh ones but with a much cheaper price.

Compare with the short blossom period, the silk flowers has another advantage, that is you don’t need to worry how to keep them fresh or they will wilt. The silk flowers always has a fresh look, you even can keep it as a forever souvenir for your special day.

In a word, using fake flowers to decorate your wedding not only help you to create a perfect a wedding flower arrangement, but also help you to save money. It is a perfect idea for your wedding flower arrangement.

Bridal Bracelets Fashion

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Diamonds set in gold are a traditional jewellery combination. Combined with the beauty of a bridal bracelet, can truly turn out to be a piece of jewellery that is treasured. The more diamonds in a piece of jewellery, the more spark. Maybe that is why so many women lust after diamond bridal bracelets, white gold in particular. These bridal bracelets are typically studded with many different diamonds of the same size and shape in a single line, with bars of gold between the stones.

This bridal bracelet is one of my most admired due to the truth that it combines pearls, which are an everlasting bridal favourite and the beautiful blue gemstone – using a blue gemstone covers the ‘something blue’ of the bridal lore.

A woman wearing a bridal bracelet especially a bridal ankle bracelet with a wedding dress could have an even more attractive appearance than another woman wearing the same attire. Bridal ankle bracelets or bridal anklets have always been a popular fashion accessory adorning girls’ and women’s ankles for decades. There are different kinds of bridal ankle bracelets. There are gold bridal ankle bracelets, custom or personalized bridal ankle bracelets, bridal ankle bracelets with diamonds or other gems, beaded anklets, sterling silver anklets flexible or hinged anklets and stretch, and weave or locking anklets.

Take your time to search for the perfect bridal bracelet and have an array of alternatives to choose from and go for what you feel would be most appropriate. As a gift, it need not be pricey, although you could always go for the really expensive ones if the price is not a problem for you.