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Save Money and Time by Creating a Wedding Website

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Many brides today see the option of creating a wedding website to save money and time on their weddings. While creating a website may sound expensive and time consuming, you can actually create a beautiful website for free or very inexpensive, there are many wedding websites available online where you have countless free and premium options to choose from to create an easy to make, drag and drop, wedding website that you can have ‘live’ in just a few hours.

Wedding websites can help you save money on your wedding quite easily. Let’s look at the numerous ways you can save some extra money on your wedding day.

Save on postage With a wedding website, you can have guests RSVP to your wedding via the internet instead of by postal mail. It is a standard for brides to send a postage paid reply envelope with their invitations – by using your wedding website for guests to RSVP to your big day, you can save half the postage fees.

You can even email your guests your invitations to save a little extra on postage as well. There are many options available for your website, you can create a blanket invitation and just send your guests the link to their invitation, which will include where they can RSVP their attendance.

Save on long distance Most brides and grooms have family outside their local calling area. With a wedding website, you can keep in touch with family and friends and let them know what you need and how things are going via the website. While the website isn’t a replacement for talking to your relatives, it can help save some costs on long distance charges for quick “can you help me to do this task” phone calls. As well, couples want to keep their friends and family informed about what’s going on with the wedding plans. A wedding website can save you the task of talking to many people repeatedly about the same thing.

Save time on planning your wedding Wedding websites can also save you some of your valuable time as well. Planning a wedding can be quite time consuming, especially when you’re looking for help for a variety of pre-wedding tasks.

You can save a bunch of time by updating all your friends and family at once with your wedding website. You can update your website once, email your friends and family and tell them there are new updates to your wedding plans. This way, you’re saving some precious time by talking to everyone about the updates and plans for your big day. Your family and friends can keep track of all that’s going on right at your wedding website and depending on how you set it up and what information you offer, can even offer their help and advice to you on your plans.

You can set up polls to help make decisions for your wedding that allows your friends and family to really feel a part of your wedding planning. You can also send out emails to your attendees and ask for help with a variety of tasks on the wedding day itself and in the pre-planning of the wedding. This can be especially helpful for finding out who can help with many of the tasks before and during the wedding. Your friends and family are willing to help you plan out the day and help with everything that needs to get done; and you can do this all on your wedding website.

Choosing Wedding Favors to Match Your Wedding Style

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Apart from details that should match to your wedding theme and colors, wedding favors should be matching, too. You cannot have beach themed wedding favors if you plan to have a winter themed wedding, or choose yellow favors if your wedding colors are pink and blue. Some consideration should be keep in mind, like the type, size, shape and color of the wedding favors before making a final decision of including them to your wedding. Including your personality is a must, too. So to help, here are some tips and ideas on how to choose matching favors that will justify your wedding style.

wedding favors

When choosing favors, it should depend on the theme that a wedding would like to show off. For example, for a garden themed wedding that involves releasing hundreds of butterflies, then perhaps the best choice of wedding favors for it are those that consist of butterfly designs. Themed favors are now available in various themes like Gothic, beach, fairytale, sports, monogram, Las Vegas and many more.

There are couples who want to show off the season their wedding falls in. Wedding favors may also be according to the season of the wedding – spring, summer, fall, and winter themed wedding favors.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of dollars just for a wedding favor alone. Typically, this little gift is something that is simple and inexpensive, yet meaningful to each of the guests. For a wedding on a budget, there are lots of ways on how to save money on the wedding favors. Homemade ideas are one of the best practical solutions. Homemade favors can be anything from homemade cookies, jams, cupcakes to handmade jewelry, soaps, candles and favor boxes. These DIY ideas are way cheaper than pre-made items sold at local party stores. Homemade favors that are made of raw recycled materials, if done with care, can surely impress everyone in the party.

Practical, useful favors are also one of the most in-demand ideas these days. Feasible items such as place card holders, mini picture frames, candle holders, coasters, playing cards, salt and pepper shakers, bottle openers, wine stoppers, measuring spoons, chopsticks, tape measures, etc. are among the best choices if useful wedding favors are necessary.

A well-chosen favor makes a great way to connect with other people at the wedding. It is always a wise idea to choose favors according to couple’s personality. If there’s a theme, then they should go with the theme as well. Themed wedding favors and other wedding supplies can now be purchased online from various online stores that specialize on wedding and bridal accessories. Shopping online doesn’t only provide lots of options to choose from, but cheaper suggestions as well – as most online products are cheaper than products sold by local retailers. Be creative and let your imagination play its role so that you can easily plan a wedding that you’ve been dreaming of.