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10 Beautiful Wedding Session Photos

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

wedding session photos

wedding session photos









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Maintaining a Wedding Gown

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

In the midst of all of your wedding planning, take a moment and consider one huge and obvious fact that far too many brides overlook. What is that? Your wedding day is going to come and go very quickly, and yet there will still be many things on your “to do” list afterward. Key among them is wedding dress preservation.
While you might think that this involves the use of a sturdy box or special dress bag, the work of maintaining the wedding gown begins on the wedding day itself. For example, you will never get through a wedding day without getting perspiration, powder and cosmetics, trace amounts of food, and many other materials on the dress. Even if you make it through without a single spot or stain, your dress is likely to have a lot of troublesome compounds clinging invisibly to the fabric.
So, as part of your wedding planning process, start by planning phase one of your wedding, dress preservation, by arranging for professional wedding dress cleaning. For example, if you are leaving the dress with a member of the bridal party, ask them to also be the one to take the dress to the cleaners.
Will you need to choose a special service for the wedding dress cleaning? In a word: yes. Though a lot of dry cleaning services offer this, not many know what your dress, in particular, will need. Items like bust pads or perspiration shields must be removed. Some are not sure of how to specifically treat your material. Do the research and find a firm that handles the cleaning in-house and has a proven history of successfully cleaning bridal gowns.
You’ll want a firm that has guaranteed results, and also goes over the gown inch by inch with you (or your assigned dress handler) when it is deposited. This ensures that all stains are dealt with and that the gown is treated with the right processes to prevent stains from appearing years later.
The next part of wedding dress preservation, after the wedding dress cleaning, is storage. A dependable resource will prepare the wedding dress for long term storage by using special cleaning and treatments, make any necessary repairs, and then use an environmentally friendly, acid-free tissue to wrap the gown and accessories. This will be placed into an acid-free and archival quality box or chest. This approach lets the fabric breathe in the environment (whether hot, cold, dry or damp), and this guarantees the fibers remain supple and strong over the years.