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Vegas Wedding Chapels – Planning Your Wedding

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Las Vegas, the thirty-first most populous cities in America, is a place where entertainment is definitely the order of the day. Apart from gambling, shopping and the never ending night life here, Vegas is a city that offers a great site for meetings, conventions and businesses, making it a top tourist destination. Las vegas is a place that not only boasts of offering the best entertainment available but also famous due to the fact that it is a family and retirement center.

The city has gained the title ‘ sin city’ because of the crazy things that most people living here do. Weddings are not left out either. Most brides and grooms are going for the most distinct wedding plans ever such as smoke in place of candlelight’s and replacing rose petals with guitar picks. There are twenty-four chapels in Las Vegas and these chapels are established in a way such that they provide the most exquisite experiences to the couple they are hosting.

A lot of weddings hosted in Vegas appear on television and it is also quite obvious why there are more than four hundred weddings in the city per day. Moreover, many celebrities have made vows to their partners in the chapels found in Vegas and this include: Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Jordan, Paul Newman, Johnny Depp and not forgetting the all time king of rock music, Elvis Presley. It is true to say that most stars prefer Las Vegas as their wedding venue. Vegas has some of the most creative wedding coordinators who help the couple in carrying out their wedding plans effectively. Many generations from the same family have used a common chapel through out as part of their tradition.

Most chapels in Vegas have an Elvis Presley impersonator or a souvenir that symbolizes this great legend. Presley married the queen of his life Priscilla Presley in Las Vegas and his fans look up to him and have their wedding ceremonies here as well. The chapels have also installed webcams, which record the ceremony in progress, and stream the wedding live on the Internet so that those not present can have a glimpse of how the occasion is. This goes for a small fee and is quite incredible especially since it is a special moment in one’s life. There are numerous packages from which one can choose in the chapel such as gowns, flowers as well as tux. Some chapels go as far as providing an exclusive limousine, which drives the couple from their hotel and back after the ceremony is over.

At the unique chapels, a quiet and cozy environment is well prepared to cater for the bride to be and the groom to be. Upon entering the chapels in Vegas, one is highly convinced that the wedding will indeed be made up of beautiful memories. Romance is everywhere and the fragrance of different flowers fills the air as wonderful traditional wedding rhythms play in the background. The visitors feel calmed by the warmth of the candles glowing in the chapel.

The Las Vegas wedding adventure has the best offers ever. The prices of the chapels are budget friendly and the resorts deliver the best services while promising a unique wedding day to everyone’ s amazement. Here, chapel prices go as low as $250 and allow a sitting of twenty five to a hundred people per ceremony. A Vegas wedding is configured to maximize savings while providing the pomp and grace it deserves.

Other chapels offer structures that are suitable for the disabled thereby ensuring easy accessibility. Helicopter weddings are also a common feature in most Vegas wedding chapels. The couple is also given freedom to introduce their own themes in the chapel to suit their preference. The chapels also provide rooms with cathedral chandeliers for couples that might be willing to spend some few nights in the chapel and for their family members and friends, a room discount is offered.

There are also some Vegas chapels, which perform ceremonies in diverse languages including, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Other specialties offered in the Vegas wedding chapels include photography ( to make lasting moments), DVD recording technology and broadcasting the weddings over the internet. The Vegas wedding chapels put forward a wide range of options which the bride-to-be and groom-to-be can take advantage of.

From a mobster or lakeside style to an Elvis Presley kind of wedding, the wedding chapels in Vegas have too many alternatives to fit every denomination and budget.

Prepare your Wedding Chapel for the Main Event

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Weddings are one of the most romantic and passionate events anyone can ever experience. It is a special celebration not only for the couple, but also for those people who have been part in making the wedding possible. What makes every wedding so great is the happiness it brings to everyone who are present to witness the love and commitment two loving persons has for one another.

For the soon to be married couples, preparing for the big day can be a very tough job. It involves a lot of preparations, coming up with new ideas, solutions, fittings and so on. But the most important part of any wedding is the wedding chapel. Every bride dreams of having a perfect wedding ceremony, and every groom wants only the best for her bride. Preparing for the big event takes a lot of hard work. You must know every detail about the wedding ceremony so as not to cause any delay or inconvenience. Here are the most important details that you must know by heart in preparing your wedding chapel.

The first part of preparing is to clean the venue. With a clean chapel, the wedding would be one step closer to perfection.
The seating arrangement is also a priority. See to it that the right seats are given to the right persons. You wouldn’t want to place an important guest to the back of the chapel. Make sure that the most important guests are seated on the front rows.

The flowers will be the main decorations. Every wedding has flowers. Ask the bride what type of flower she wants to use for the wedding. If she wants white roses, that’s the only option. You can also roll in a red carpet if the chapel has one.

Cameras and video recorders should also be part of your planning. If you don’t the budget to hire a professional photographer, ask someone you know who’s really good with cameras. Tell them to capture on camera or video every important parts of the ceremony. Also take pictures of the guests.

Weddings are more romantic with music. Choose the songs you would want the band to play during the ceremony. You can ask them to play your theme song during the procession.

Lastly, the wedding vows should be perfect. I mean, this is the part where you express your deepest love for your partner. No bride or groom would forget this one, right?

Now that you are all set for the most memorable day of your lives, you may also want to prepare yourselves. Get into shape, go to the salon, have a massage, pick up a great dress, and so on. It is important to look your best on your wedding day. Haven’t picked the place to have your wedding? The perfect place for any wedding is the Melbourne Wedding Chapel. It is the ideal place to have a very special day. Learn more about Melbourne Wedding Chapel through various websites or go to the nearest chapel today.