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Selecting And Threading Seed Beads

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Some advice will be offered to help you to use these beads, without all of the hassle that you are worried about.

How big are these beads?

“Seeds” can be purchased in a range of sizes, with sizes usually being written in a special format (x/0). The larger that x value is, the smaller that the bead will be, therefore a bead which is advertised as being 28/0 will be one of the very smallest items available. On the other hand, a piece which is advertised as being 5/0 will be huge in comparison. Beading needles use a similar numbering system, in so far as the small that the gauge number is, the thicker the needle will be.

Selecting a needle to use

When you are working with items that are so small, it is important that you choose the right thickness of needle to work with. The needle should be able to pass easily through the eye of the bead, so that it will not cause any damage to the product. If you are purchasing a needle from a place where you cannot directly compare it with the seed beads that you are using, you should always choose a needle with a gauge number which is at least one size smaller than the x number of the pieces that you are working with. For example, when you are working with a number 5/0 bead, choose a #6 needle. Trying to force a thick needle through a thin hole can damage the bead and the needle. This can be especially dangerous if you are using glass.

What to string onto

When stringing seed beads, there are a lot of different materials that you can choose from, including waxed thread, elastic nylon and thin, flexible beading wire. Waxed thread is great if you are looking for a material which is strong, yet flexible. Elastic nylon is good if you need something which has “give” or if you are looking for something colorful. Beading wire is good if you are making something that needs to have structure. Wire also comes in gauges, like needles, so make sure you are buying wire that will fit through the holes in your beads.

Stringing your beads

Although it sounds crazy, one of the easiest ways to string seed beads is to put them into a small, shallow bowl, and simple run a threaded needle through them. The beads will thread themselves, and you won’t have to wrestle with them! Another alternative is to purchase an automatic threading machine, known as a bead spinner. These spinners will help you to thread even the smallest beads with the greatest of ease, so you don’t need to feel worried about using them anymore.

Tips on Getting the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Fiance

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

engagement ring

When you has asked your beautiful partner to marry you but now you are faced with the unenviable task of choosing the perfect engagement ring. Where do you even start when it comes to Jewelry shopping? Take a look at these points on how to choose the best engagement ring.

Firstly, you need to know how much you are willing to spend on the engagement ring; it is tempting to blow as much as you can on the ring, yet this might not leave you with enough for a honeymoon! Traditionally, it is thought that two months salary is a good guide as to how much you should spend on an engagement ring, although it can be safely assumed that your fiancée would not complain if you spent a little more…!

Choose a reasonable bracket that you are willing to work within and stick to that as much as possible; of course, if you find a real bargain then you should snap it up and conversely, if there is a ring that you know that would make your fiancée ecstatic that is a little out of your price range, then it is probably worth saving up for.

Once you have decided on your price range, it’s time to get researching; compare the entire market, from thrift shops to fancy jewellers and consider every ring going. A useful little tip is that real bargains can now be found in online jewelers, with many sites offering discounts for buying online.

To narrow down the options for engagement rings, try and find out what type of metal your future wife likes the most; this can be done by rooting through her jewelry collection or confiding in one of her friends and getting her to act as a spy…just make sure you can really trust them not to spill the beans.

The most important element of choosing an engagement ring is that you put your whole heart into it; it may sound cheesy and a little ‘Hollywood’, but if you have put as much love, care and attention into choosing the ring as you have your relationship, then you will definitely make the right choice.

It’s the fact that buying a diamond is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make. It will set the tone for your marriage, and may be more meaningful to you than the purchase of your first home. Fortunately, there are excellent reputable sources to engagement rings that will let you stun her with an heirloom quality jewelry at a fraction of the cost. Visit Aquamarine Engagement Rings today and learn the real secret to getting more ring for your money.