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How To Choose A Wedding Cake

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Planning a wedding is an exciting and stressful job for bride and maid of honor. The important part of wedding plans is the style, color, flavor, and layout for the wedding cake. Wedding cakes come in all different shapes and sizes, and for the creative bride they can even have designs of specific items. Following a few simple rules to make sure it is perfect for the occasion.

Always an important issue for any wedding plan is the time of the wedding. If you choose to go with an exotic or elaborate design for your wedding cake, you need to appropriately give the chef enough time to produce his masterpiece. Make sure that if your desire is to have a multi-tier cake that your chef is aware of the needs in plenty of time.

Wedding cake size is an issue for large or small weddings. Some brides prefer elaborate designs and multiple tiers for their wedding cake. The cake can often be large and tall, and if that is the desire of the bride then so be it! Wedding cakes don’t always need to be that typical layers of tall increments. Some brides prefer their cake to be shaped into favorite hobbies or interest. Unique designs are not unusual in characteristic weddings. If your groom is a musician, choose a unique design of a guitar as your wedding cake. If you and your future husband enjoy boating or yachting, create a cake of epic proportions by designing a boat structure. The cake designs are endless for a talented chef.

What about your wedding cake flavors? Typical flavors for cakes are vanilla or chocolate. You can mix these flavors and have one tier as vanilla and another as chocolate. Fruit flavors can be inserted in between the cake layers bringing a special flavor for the special day. In between layers of delicious cake batter, a bride can add cherries, strawberries, or even more chocolate. Your guests will rave about your cake even after the wedding festivities.

Icing is another major factor in an elegant wedding cake design. Creamy icing is the topping for all good wedding cakes. Certain icing materials are conducive to what kind of design your wedding cake has as a base. Butter cream icing is perfect for wedding cakes with limited decorations. It has a fluffy, creamy design that adds character to your wedding cake.

Whether the bride wants a simple plan or a grandiose design for a wedding, the wedding cake can be the center of attention. Elaborate designs are a beautiful addition to any wedding. The wedding cake will be enjoyable to any guest.