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A Bachelorette Party

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

We hear much about bachelor party, a party held for a man shortly before he enters marriage, to celebrate his “last night of freedom” or merely to spend time with his male friends, who are often at his wedding party afterwards. A bachelor party is usually planned by the best man or other friends of the groom, occasionally, with the assistance of a bachelor party planning company . For the Bridal we have an equivalent event for the bride-to-be is a Bachelorette Party, or Hen Party as it is known, is a fun thing to organize and usually the responsibility of the Maid of Honor. Unlike a regular party, this night has to be memorable for your close friend, the bride to be, and should give her a really unforgettable send off into married life.

Planning a bachelorette party should center around the personality of the bachelorette. Is she fun and outgoing or is she more quiet and prefer not to be in the spotlight? Also, with the traditional bachelorette party, would she be comfortable with the more risqué, or would it be offensive? These are all important questions, which will determine the success of your bachelorette party.
If this is the first hens party you are organizing, you may need some guidelines to help you with the planning.

10 Hens Party Planning Tips

1. Select a convenient date – It is not unheard of the have a hens party a month before the wedding. If that is the best time to get all the guests together, go for it!

2. Pick a hen’s party theme – The most fun themes are those related to the couple. If one likes to cook, make it a Master Chef hens night. You can virtually pick any theme, from naughty nurse to sexy biker chicks.

3. Set a budget – When organizing your event activities, take into consideration that not everyone can afford a dinner at an exclusive restaurant, or elaborate fees at a popular nightclub.

4. Make a guest list – The number of people and their individual personalities will greatly influence your hens party activities, and location. If the party participants are all younger, you may consider a loud and crazy nightclub, but if you are also inviting grandma, and a couple of older aunties, it may be better to organize your gathering at home, or at a small hall at one of the local diners.

5. Decide on the type of hens party you are aiming for – Will this be a frugal fest, or will it be classy and elaborate? Will you gather at a posh restaurant for biscuits and tea, or will you all go white water rafting before hitting the bar?

6. Make a list of games – Some ladies simply like to sit together and socialize, while others like to be very active. If games are on the activity list, you will have to decide between “clean” or “risqué” entertainment. The last thing you want during a hens part is for a guest to be offended and leave. Therefore, always keep a few spare games on hand in case you notice that some are less popular than others.

7. Arrange for transportation – Transportation may be required during a hens night out. The rule: “Don’t drink and drive,” also applies during a bachelor or bachelorette party. You may also require a car, limousine or minibus between activities.

8. Send invitations – Once you know your guests, the location of the party, the theme and other pertinent hens party details, you will have to send out invitations. Give the guests plenty of time to RSVP, and mention the estimated cost to them.

9. Collect payment – Either you, or someone you appoint, will have to collect the money for club entrance fees, party accessories, meals, etc. These funds should be collected ahead of time as you will need to pay for some of your expenses upfront.

10. Mementos – People love photos. Be prepared to take lots of pictures during the hens party. Snap shots not only of the bride-to-be, but of every guest, including yourself! Like everyone else, you too should have fabulous mementos to remember that magnificent hens night out by.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Destination

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Destination weddings are held on the beach or in some other exotic location and are generally casual and fun. They combine the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon into a memorable vacation for the couple and their guests. The hardest part is often finding a location that suits the couple and the guests they wish to have in attendance.

Due to the travel involved, it is best to keep the guest list for your destination wedding short and sweet. Limiting it to immediate family and a few close friends is wise. Small groups can often benefit from travel and accommodation discounts, so these expenses might be surprisingly low if you get a package deal.

Keeping the guest list small also makes it easier to ensure that everyone you invite will be there. Guests will need to arrange for childcare, time off from work, and house sitting. Notify your guests of the date as soon as you set it, even if you haven’t yet chosen a destination. This will give them plenty of time to make arrangements.

Making a list of your priorities can help you choose the best destination for your wedding. If you want to get married on the beach but aren’t particularly choosy about which beach it is, it makes sense to choose one that is close by rather than one in a foreign country. Doing so will be less expensive if money is a primary concern. On the other hand, if you have a particular location in mind that has sentimental value, planning well in advance will help make it a reality.

If you have several destinations in mind but are having a hard time deciding on one, making a list of each destination’s pros and cons can be helpful. Take into consideration cost, travel distance, and special requirements such as passports. Research each location thoroughly online if you’ve never been there yourself, or ask for advice from friends who have traveled.

If you have ever dreamed of a place which feels like a fairytale, yet is modern and bustling metropolis, Prague is the right spot. What could be more romantic than having your wedding ceremony in the middle of the oldest bohemian settlement, with splendid Prague castle behind your back and ancient gargoyles blessing your step into matrimony? Prague is ultimately the most beautiful place where you can profess your love for one another.

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