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Safety Tips on Using Wedding Sparklers

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Despite the beautiful effects of the various types of wedding sparklers on the market today, each year serious injury and even deaths are reported due to carelessness and reckless behavior. So, before you start handing out sparklers and lighters to all your guests, there are some things you need to know to keep everyone safe.

Before lighting a sparkler, start looking around. If there are children about that are too young to participate, make sure there is an adult to keep an eye on them or give them a quick education with the demonstration. Let them know that they are fun and pretty but can also cause a burn.

If you had children involved in your celebration choose longer, 36″ sparklers as they are safer. Typically these larger sparklers have a longer, safer handle. Always have an adult light the sparklers. Never give children matches or lighters!

At a wedding reception the Best Man and the Maid of Honor should coordinate a wedding sparkler send off. Pay attention and take care if you are wearing loose fitting clothing, a dress or skirt, especially while using wedding sparklers, since you’re likely to be in your Sunday best!

Hair catches fire almost immediately, so make sure that you do not take any additional risks. Individuals with long hair should tie their tresses back securely before lighting a sparkler.

Keep a source of water nearby, just in case.

Keep a bucket of water or sand beside you to turn off the sparkler completely. You must not throw it away in a corner unless you are sure it has gone off completely. Dip the stick in the container for 5-10 seconds after you think it is used up and then throw it away.

When you are finished, pick up all the wooden and wire handles. Make sure no children will find any unlit firecracker or sparkler when you are not around.

Wedding sparklers are great fun for people of all ages. Just remember to supervise young children and use the proper type of sparkler in the proper setting. Be safe and have fun.

Lighting up Your Wedding with Wedding Sparklers

Monday, July 27th, 2015

A wedding is seen to be one of the sweetest ways by which any couple can express their full love for one another. Seeing as this is the case, there is no surprise that every couple would want their wedding to be the most spectacular day on earth. It is a romantic idea and its certainly something that is proving more and more popular and more and more people are looking for the perfect way to make that evening unforgettable. With wedding sparklers, you can quite literally add a bit of “sparkle” into the bride and grooms exit by arranging a sparkling tunnel for them to walk under.

Firstly, its important to remember that this will not work with regular length sparklers. You will need the longer 36 inch variety because not only do they burn for up to four minutes, they are long enough to ensure that there is enough room for the bride and groom. For safety, ensure that you buy only sparklers with a metal core. Bamboo sparklers tend to disintegrate into hot fragments which can easily burn!

Secondly, after ordering enough wedding sparklers, usually no more than 24 (12 each side) its important to make sure that you are prepared! Ensure there is access to buckets with water for extinguishing the sparklers and also a first aid kit as always.

Before lighting the wedding sparklers, tell everyone your plan and conduct a quick test without lighting and if everything goes well, it is time for the real deal. Ensure your lovely couple is aware of the magnificent tunnel and that guests are standing far enough apart so that sparklers do not come into contact with the bride, groom or other guests. Then get ready, get lit and ensure that a photographer is ready to capture the special moment. It looks absolutely fantastic if timed correctly.

This stunning finale is absolutely unforgettable and the wedding sparklers archway really does look classy and stylish and its something which can be adapted to almost any occasion. Birthdays and anniversaries are some examples. With countless things to do with wedding sparklers, the only thing you and your guests need to be aware of is the safety aspects of wedding sparklers.

If you are considering putting the wedding sparkler tunnel idea into practice, it is highly recommended that you take out a bit of time to rehearse the event. It is important that you are well prepared and that every one attending the event is cautioned about the show to ensure that everyone remains safe. Make sure you keep a few buckets of water near by so that you can easily extinguish the sparklers safely.